Thursday, 9 December 2010


When do you get inspired? How do you get inspired?

For the purposes of this argument, I'm specifically thinking about inspiration on things to write about. I find that inspiration hits me at the most unexpected times.

If I were to force myself to look at a computer monitor and say to myself "write something smart", more often than not, nothing comes. And that's the thing. Inspiration cannot be forced. Inspiration for me just . . . happens.

I got the inspiration for one of the last articles I wrote while waiting in the queue at the bottom of a chairlift at Perisher. It wasn't even because I was trying to come up with something to write about. I was just bemoaning to the boyfriend about how terrible I am at snowboarding.

The best opportunities to be inspired I believe are when you're out and about and experiencing and observing life. It's when you read something and are able to bounce off on its ideas.

And since I haven't really been out and about and/or reading things, I don't have much inspiration to write much in this blog at the moment.

Hopefully "they" let me get out soon :)

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