Saturday, 5 February 2011

I'm sorry

I'm sorry it angers you that I go against the grain
I'm sorry that it even causes you to look at me with disdain
I'm sorry I stand up for what I believe
I'm sorry you think me naive
I'm sorry I've chosen to stand out from the crowd
I'm sorry I would rather be ethical
I'm sorry I care and try to make a difference
I'm sorry I'm not a lemming

I'm sorry I believe we should recycle
I'm sorry I choose to treat animals humanely
I'm sorry I like to look to the bigger world
I'm sorry I feel we need to treat others with respect

I'm sorry my integrity frustrates you
I'm sorry my intellect scares you
I'm sorry that I'm above you
I'm sorry, well, actually, I'm not sorry

1 comment:

richies said...

Glad to find out that you actually aren't sorry :)

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