Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How does your garden grow?

My aspirational farmer of a husband has somehow gotten me extremely interested in gardening, perhaps because nothing beats the feeling and idea of walking out of our apartment on to our little garden ledge to pick what we would like to eat.

Our little jalapeno and basil seedlings when we bought them back in October 2013 - our first married couple purchase!
The pot on the far left houses daffodil bulbs that needed to be unearthed and stored away for next spring.
A month later and we have jalapenos and a bush of strange pointy basil leaves
Basil is just about one of my most favourite herb/plant because it smells so amazing and I absolutely adore a good basil pesto. With our basil plant thriving, I started wondering if I could "grow" a new one from a cutting. So I snipped off a little stalk from our existing plant, stuck it in a tiny container of water for a few weeks and little roots started growing from its stalk! When the roots looked long and established enough, we planted it into its own pot.

There were only four leaves on the plant when we first planted it. Look at it grow!
With the cool of autumn setting in, it's time to research the best fruit or veg to plant for the season!

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