Thursday, 16 December 2004

The Call of a Desperate Phone Owner - my brother

Dear Mr Khoo Boon Hui,

More than a year ago, my mobile phone, a well-beloved Nokia 3315, was stolen by a youth misguided by society.

The reason for my writing is not to express my woes about the youth of today, because the wonderful police force that keeps Singapore safe had actually managed to retrieve my adored tool of communication, along with the misguided youth.

A report (ref no: F/031009/0125) was filed dated 9 October 2003 with Sgt T00148 Lim Swee Hua at the Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre, which I have attached for your reference. This case was then handed over to the Ang Mo Kio Police Station on the very same day.

Unfortunately, my much missed electronic device is still not in my embrace.

The police officer in charge of the case, Ms Nurul (Tel: 1800 6218 0000), had mentioned that she needed my mobile phone as evidence. As a law-abiding citizen ever willing to cooperate, I bade a temporary adieu to my little bundle of joy. I was promised its safe return within a few weeks.

If my calendar is the same as the rest of Singapore's, it has been almost 15 months since then and I still have not felt the familiar warmth of my phone.

I find it extremely disturbing and am worried my phone may fail to recognise me when it ever returns.

Understanding that our police officers have much to do, I have tried to aid them by calling Ms Nurul on at least 20 separate occasions, so that she did not need to trouble herself to contact me. When I manage to speak with her and question about my phone, she would immediately
brush me off by saying the phone is not ready for collection. It is amazing what a wonderful photographic memory she has, that she does not even need to refer to any documentation as to which case I was referring to.

Also, when I have been unable to speak with her personally, my calls to her would all be unreturned and my desperate pleas ignored, dealing my self-esteem a severe blow.

Now, I sincerely have no idea what has become of my mobile phone and would yearn to have it taken off my "missing persons" list. However, I am not getting much help or response from Ms Nurul or Ang Mo Kio Police Station where my case was reported to.

Mr Khoo, I sincerely plead for your help in this matter as I think I have been placed on the "to be ignored" list of Ang Mo Kio Police Station.

I would really appreciate an explanation of the entire matter, whether my portable communicating device has helped the misguided youth in returning to the flock and if I would ever feel my mobile phone in my hot little hands ever again.

Thank you so much for your time in dealing with this issue.

Looking forward to a much favourable reply soon.

Yours sincerely,
Shannon Tan (Mr)

cc. Quality Services Manager Rajoo V Gopal, Commander 'F' Division Jessica Kwok, Ms Penny Low (MP, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC), The Straits Times forum pages and Streats comments pages

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