Friday, 24 December 2004


In order for the South Pacific Division (my would-be employers) to get me a work visa, they would need to apply for a business sponsorship license. The application process would normally take at least 4 weeks.

It took them about 4 days.

In order for me to work for the South Pacific Division (SPD), I would need a work visa. The application process would normally take 4-8 weeks.

I got a call this morning telling me that my application has been sent in. The only problem is that they cannot seem to locate my X-ray which was sent to the visa place last Friday. I provided my SPD contact person, Colin, with the tracking number of the courier package to see if the visa place could better locate my X-ray. He got the tracking number and provided the visa place with it.

Ten minutes later, he receives a phonecall telling him my work visa has been approved.

The entire process took....2 weeks? And I'm being generous at that.

I am left utterly speechless as to how swift everything has gone. What would normally take months has taken me weeks to obtain. Why do I have this strange feeling that God really wants me in Australia?

I can only wonder about the reason why.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to prepare to leave for Sydney on January 13 or 14, 2005. I start work January 17, 2005.


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