Friday, 3 February 2006

It's goodbye, farewell time once again. Strangely enough, no matter how many times it has been done, saying goodbye never gets any easier. It's hard to believe that I've been back in Singapore for six weeks now. Time certainly flew.

Isn't it funny how although you have six weeks to catch up with friends, when the last night comes, it still feels like you haven't met up enough? And because of that, running out of time meant meeting with four different groups of people from various social settings during one dinner yesterday night.

There was my friend from secondary school, three friends from junior college, Anca from England and my family. None of the groups knew the other (except my mother of course who has met most of my friends or at least seen photos), but it was the only way I could spend time with people I hold dearest to my heart at the same time.

Funnier that I bumped into yet another friend from another social group later in the evening after saying goodbye to the others.

Will be flying back to Australia tomorrow evening. Am not looking forward to saying goodbye. It's hard when you've got lives in two completely different countries. It's hard when you have people you hold dear to your heart in various countries. It's especially hard when you've got to say goodbye.

1 comment:

Maya said...


Hope you reached Oz safely. :)

Put up some of our pics on my blog. Warning: it has some JC pics, too. He he....

Miss you much.

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