Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Update: The Barina has been thrown out the window due to its rather bad reviews and also makes me rather nervous knowing that it doesn't offer ABS brakes. The smart...well...I've decided that it's probably a little over my budget. On the other hand, I've added another car to the list - the Ford Fiesta LX. Let's see what test-driving these cars will do to my decisions...

The time has arrived for me to buy a car *gasps*.

You would think it would be a fairly straightforward affair - choose a car, test drive it, buy it. Unfortunately, that doesn't take into consideration that I have got no experience with cars whatsoever.

Yes, I've driven about four different cars since first starting to learn how to drive. Sure, I've sat in my friends' cars, but I don't think that's quite enough. The last time my family had a car was when I was 17 and well, honestly? I never had any interest in cars back then. And since my father passed away about eight years ago, the only family member who could probably tell me a thing or two about cars is gone.

I'm utterly and thoroughly confused!

At least I've managed to narrow the choice down to three cars -

1. The smart forfour

This is probably the car that I really want to get, mainly because of its extremely environmentally-friendly nature. Not only is it friendly during its production, driving the car leaves me pretty guilt-free because of its low emissions.

It also only consumes about 5.6 litres of petrol per 100 kilometre (according to the Green Vehicle Guide).

Cost: approximately AUD$23,900

2. The Mitsubishi Colt

Although not as environmentally-friendly in its production, this car still ranks pretty high in the Green Vehicle Guide for its low emissions. I don't mind this car, except it's of course not as cute as the smart. But it comes in butterscotch yellow!

One slight drawback - it only comes in automatic and I would prefer to drive a manual car.

It also consumes 5.6 litres of petrol per 100 kilometre.

Cost: approximately AUD$18,990

3. The Holden Barina

(Yes, I have a weakness for yellow cars.)

The reason why this car is even in my list of options is because I can get it through work at a heavily discounted price. And well, that's about the only reason.

It's not particularly environmentally-friendly, although it's better than most. Fuel consumption isn't impressive at 6.9 litres of petrol per 100 kilometre either. The cost, however, makes this car rather appealing.

Cost: approximately AUD$14,490 (before discount)

Anybody with any ideas/advise/comments will be much appreciated.

By the way, I'll be getting a car through work (no matter which car I choose), terms and condistions state that I can only own the car for a maximum of five years.


Anonymous said...

those hybrid cars like the toyota prius are pretty cool. when they are running on electricity they are almost polutionless.
However; the amount of coal required to produce the electricity used by the car is much more than would have been required to run the car itself for equivalent mileage.
I guess it's a case of 'feeling good' rather than actually doing good.

Melody said...

I never thought about the amount of coal required to run the hybrid cars! It really does defeat the purpose doesn't it?

Luckily, the prius is way above my budget :)

Anonymous said...

typical cute lil hunchbacks you have there as choices....

ain't Aussie cars suuuuper cheap? Damn, i gotta get a license in aussieland soon and DRIVE MY BOYFRIEND's CAR. haha

The Misery Chick said...

Get the 1st 1.

Anyways, you can always have the car spray painted if you wanna change its colour!

And why do you prefer a manual??? I'm lazy. Auto all the way. Then agn, I haven't passed my driving test.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could talk to my dad, but it'd be difficult to him cos the English but he knows a lot about cars. I'd guess a car from Japan would be good, or Germany. They have really good standard. Would you want me to talk to my dad for you? To get some advice?


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Honda Jazz.. I own a 2005 Honda Jazz VTi-S and I love it.. We have a Honda Jazz enthusiasts club running.. feel free to check
Also, the resale value of the Jazz is better than the Smart.. and cost less..

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about the Toyota Echo? They have both 3 doors and sedan. Good fuel value and also it has a higger resale value too.

Rodney Olsen said...

The Toyota Echo is being replaced by the much better Toyota Yaris. Possibly worth a look.

chelle said...

Uh i have to say that I don't really have anything to contribute on the subject of cars, only to say that like you, i like hatchbacks! anyway I'm saying hi, you might not remember me from Singapore, but i remember you... keep writing, i really enjoy reading your articles.

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