Friday, 29 December 2006

Trying to finish up the minimum of 15 minutes usage time at the Bundaberg internet cafe at the moment.

Have been spending the last five days or so at Nat's place about 20 minutes out of Bundaberg. 12 people squashed into a three bedroom house. There's plenty of land around, but not quite that many house space.

I've been relegated to sleeping on a queen size bed with Nat in their music room while Daniel's sleeping kind of opposite me in the hallway. It's been interesting sleeping in an area with no doors. Trying to change particularly so.

Haven't done much for a while. Spend most of the days at home sitting, eating, and not sleeping. Sleeping in rooms next to the kitchen with a family full of early birds make it very difficult to sleep past 8am every morning.

Did have a massive water fight around the house on the first day of arrival, played some beach cricket, swam in the nearby lake, as well as played some house cricket that involved a not so nice sprain on the ankle and a ball in the face.

In town now while the rest go to a waterslide place...and the 15 minutes should be up by now.

Going to see turtles this evening...

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