Wednesday, 30 May 2007

While waiting at the baggage carousel yesterday with David after a trip to Adelaide for the day for work, I started getting a little too engaged with NCIS showing on the TV right next to it.

I got somewhat distracted when I heard some muttering behind me. I turned around, in time to catch David retracting his hand from a handshake with someone. I looked at the man David was speaking to and as I did so, caught his eye.

Realising that I did not actually know him, I turned around and continued watching NCIS. The box we were waiting for came, and David and I walked away.

As I did so, David turns to me and asks, "Did you know whose hand I just shook?"

I shrugged, thinking it was some dude he met from before. After all, he did not look particularly interesting and was in fact, I thought, rather shaggy.

"That was Ricky Ponting."


kris said...

LOL! shall we refer to this incident as "your brush off with fame"?

Kel said...

missed it by that much!

don't worry Mel, I wouldn't have known who he was either :)

but I wouldn't have been watching NCIS

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