Thursday, 10 May 2007

I went for my first yoga class in my life yesterday and it was rather good!

It felt like the entire hour consisted of stretching, balancing and breathing and I was wondering how in the world was this considered to be exercise. However, towards the end, my body was actually warm and I actually went home feeling like I had actually done some exercise.

The stretching exercises were really good though, particularly because the instructor kept telling us to relax our shoulders (mine are always tense from all this computer work I do). For some strange reason it actually felt like I just had a really good massage session.

Best of all, it seems to be a rather low impact kind of strengthening exercise for my spine, which hopefully will do wonders for this scoliosis problem of mine.

Couldn't help but be amazed by the number of different names they had for poses though - the star, the one, warrior one, warrior two, warrior three, the dolphin, the eagle, the pigeon, the duck...felt a bit like I was in the zoo...

1 comment:

kris said...

glad you liked it. I'm going to my newest yoga class tonight!

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