Tuesday, 26 June 2007

This is a fascinating country.

Less than six months ago, reports in the papers were all about the fact that Australia is experiencing the worst drought in 100 years.

Water restrictions were high, with four minute showers and the prohibition of watering of plants and washing of cars enforced in some areas. The water supplies for farmers were going to be cut and predictions were all around that food prices were going to soar due to limited supplies.

It was so severe that the Adventist Church even declared a national day of prayer for rain.

Fast forward to June and we have reports of storms never ever experienced in the past 30 years. There's been some serious flooding and a gigantic cargo ship run aground. I don't even remember what it's like to sit and soak in the warm sunshine anymore.

It's been pouring more or less non-stop for the last three weeks. In the beginning, the amount of water gushing down from the skies was enough to make me wonder where all the water was coming from.

I've also given up trying to wash my car because there really isn't a point. It's raining heaps again today.

I'd be the first to admit that yes, the rain is inconvenient. But yet at the same time, it's heartening to know that the dam levels have risen, we may have a little bit more water, the rain is bringing relief to most people and I can't help but hope, it's also helping the drought-stricken farmers.

And I wonder, did the prayers work?

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