Thursday, 25 March 2010


So I was leafing through this magazine in the library and found this gorgeous pattern for a stuffed bunny. In the photoshoot for the magazine, the bunny looked really cute and since Easter is approaching, I thought he might be a great sewing project.

Instead of stuffing him with stuffed toy-stuffing, I stuffed him with rice, with plans to use him as a heat pack. I was given some free scrap fabric months ago from Freecycle and so decided to simply use whatever fabric that I could scrounge.

I'm not sure if it's such a good idea because instead of gorgeous, perfect bunny, I ended up with Munty.

He's my munted bunny.

He can't sit up straight, he's not particularly stuffed and well, he's just not finished professionally. People would probably laugh in my face if I even tried to sell him. But you know what? He's so ridiculously looking he makes me smile. So I think he's served his purpose.

Now we'll find out if he'll serve as a nice heat pack come winter.

1 comment:

Kel said...

i heart munty

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