Friday, 12 March 2010

Rainbow elf socks

I'm beginning to realise that blogging takes time. I'm a slow learner, I know.

The problem with changing jobs and no longer having internet access at home is that I find myself having less time to blog while at work, and when I'm at home and have the time to think and reflect upon things, I don't actually have an internet access to blog about it.

The upside is that I'm loving my new job and I'm getting a data plan on my new phone, which can act as a modem for my laptop, which means I may be back more frequently. Don't hold your breath though.

Anyhoo, I'm still knitting. And the latest commissioned project is...a pair of rainbow elf socks!

I think they're really cute, if I may say so myself :)

They're actually my first completed pair of socks. I tried knitting socks for myself before, but the thin yarn just got too finnicky for my liking. Give me big, chunky yarn any day.

But these were baby-sized and so were actually quite fun and quick to knit up! I didn't plan for the colours of both socks to match up, it just turned out that way (I was using self-striping yarn).


Kel said...

blogging at work !!!


Anonymous said...

I really want those socks. They are awesome.

Melody said...

Thanks! :) I really want them too, but am too impatient to knit adult-sized socks.

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