Wednesday, 18 February 2004

Temping with Kelly Services (thanks Gail for letting me know about them) has brought me to work at strange places.

Have been at Woodbridge - Institute of Mental Health, for the last 2 days, and will probably continue to be there till the end of the week. Fortunately, it is not as Gail has thought - the heat has not driven me mad. Or other circumstances for that matter. I'm still mentally healthy. I think.

Dreadfully boring work though. Data entry. What else when it comes to temp jobs? And I think I'm going to suffer from repetitive strain injury soon.

This evening found me at an interview at the Social Development Unit (SDU - the government's attempt to encourage procreation amongst Singaporeans). Apparently I'm supposed to help encourage and convince businesses to organise events for singles. All part of the Romancing Singapore 2004 campaign. (And believe me, I have something to say about that too - honestly, Singaporeans need to be taught how to be romantic?!? But I'll leave that for another day.)

Whether I get the job is still uncertain since I'm required to work on Saturdays. They really want me on board though. So one wonders if they'll work some magic...

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