Saturday, 27 March 2004

I am now rendered a member of the dog-eat-dog, rat race world of business.

Every morning and evening, I squeeze into the train with the peak hour crowd. Every lunchtime, I leave and return to the office en masse with the rest of the building.

Jeans and T-shirts no longer exist in my vocabulary. It is now replaced with dress pants, shirts and heeled shoes.

I am now an automaton, and my world has narrowed into an endless cycle of travel, work and sleep.

Despite it all though, I am thankful for the job. And I think God had his hand in it all.

It is extremely challenging, and I’m not talking about the bit where I have to book conference rooms and order stationery. I have to juggle three people’s responsibilities, of which one I actually quite enjoy. This job also has the potential to give me a great network of friends.

Citibank is established and prestigious, and they really do not pay that badly. At least enough for me to afford going to Germany in August.

But somehow, I still can’t shrug off the feeling of dread that I am now one of them.

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