Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Once again in mobile-less land.

Having an easy day today. Living in the pockets of 12 other people 24/7 does not bode well for the soul. Which means while half of the group are off to the town meeting and the other half out for dinner, I’m staying in my room for a much needed me time.

Have managed to see most of the Australian wildlife by now. Yesterday, foxes, kangaroos and emus were busy crossing the streets which was endless entertainment for me.

The weather is getting much cooler now, which makes 4am starts rather difficult. But the scenery has changed significantly. Travelling so near to the coast now means the landscape is slightly less sunburnt, although still looking significantly dry. However, rest stops consist of frequent visits to small coastal towns with amazing beaches.

Wildlife is in abundance here, have passed several sheep, cows and llamas too I think. Wheat silos are a frequent sight as well.

Still visiting really small tiny towns, although in honesty, I haven’t been able to see much of the places I visit anyway. We’ve been arriving in the early afternoons, but my time has been spent cooped up in front of the computer and phone, busy making arrangements for media commitments.

Interest and fulfilling work, especially when you know that a particular interview has been aired on the radio, and articles and photos have been published in the local newspapers…but it tends to make the trip consist of sitting in the car in the day writing media releases, arriving in towns in the afternoon to make phonecalls and send out emails and attending meetings in the evenings with hopes of hitting the jackpot in terms of stories (which hasn’t happened yet).

Back to work now…

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