Sunday, 15 May 2005

I have fallen in love...with Bondi Beach.

No, not the beach, but Bondi Beach as a whole.

Decided to venture into unknown territory today and have unbelievably found a place that has made me excited again. I used to like Sydney. But after a year in England, I have to say that London utterly spoilt Sydney for me. But now that I've found Bondi Beach, maybe life isn't so bad after all.

It's not the view that drew me. I've been to far nicer beaches with far more coastlines with less people and residential areas and in all honesty, the beach at Bondi does not rank very high up in my list of great beaches (not that I'm an expert, of course).

But the whole atmosphere of the area, with its lovely Sunday market selling all sorts of cool and artistic handmade knick-knacks, clothes and whatnots, was extremely charming.

I was drawn by the Sunday market and the numerous surf shops and cafes lining the main street. But what ultimately made me fall in love with the place is Gertrude & Alice's Cafe Bookshop.

This has just gotta be one of the most gorgeous bookshop I've ever been to.

The shop is laid out in a U-shape, and lining all the walls are shelves and shelves of all sorts of books under the sun. And it's not like your Borders bookshop where everything is crisp, new and brightly shining. The books at G & A's have personality and character. Some are new, but most are 2nd hand books.

And in between the two walls, there are wooden benches and tables for customers to eat and read. The beauty of it all is that they serve true blue cafe-style food, of which I have a weakness for, and one can simply sit there eating, drinking or simply reading for as long as one likes!

There is a really relaxed and cosy atmosphere to the whole place, with soft jazzy music playing in the background, books haphazardly thrown about the place, a big couch to one side of the shop and people simply sitting around, reading, writing and typing away on their computers.

I stayed there for more than an hour, reading and writing and simply soaking up the atmosphere.

I have been absolutely charmed.

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Kel said...

I used to live in Rose Bay. My very first independent flat in a daggy old block of units. But we had the best neighbour - a lovely Italian woman who taught us to make fresh pasta.
And when the harbour and Bondi beach is so close, who cares what your flat looks like!
Glad to hear you've discovered your own little special spot in Sydney.

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