Monday, 24 October 2005

Update: Photos can be viewed here.

Just the thought of it makes me want to break out in laughter:
Ever heard of a BuzzMob? If you're in Perth you can be part of a BuzzMob this Friday. Here are the details.

1st rule of Pillow Fight Club: Tell everyone you know about pillow fight club.

2nd rule of Pillow Fight Club: Tell everyone you don't know about pillow fight club.

3rd rule of Pillow Fight Club: If you turn up you must fight!

Flash time - 5.30pm Friday the 28th of October 2005. (this Friday)

Flash point - Outside the WA Art Gallery. There is an open space near the Perth train station overpass.

What to do - Bring a pillow concealed in a bag or backpack. Turn up at the Flashpoint a few minutes beforehand ie: 5.28 p.m·

At 5.30 p.m. the mob leaders will pull their pillows out, sound the battle cry and start the fight.

Join the fray. But please don't hit to hurt.

Afterwards, a whistle will sound, put your pillow away and disappear as if nothing has happened.

Help spread the word! You can register for receiving updates and for future events at

Never in the course of human history has one battle meant so little!
I just wish I was in Perth for this!

Alternatively, I really wish someone will be there with a camera!

[Thanks to Rodney for the post]


Rowe said...

I've heard of this. Called flash-mobs though. I really like the pillow fight theme.

:makes mental note:

Kel said...

it's on tomorrow!
reckon they deserve to be members of my ASE association?

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