Tuesday, 15 April 2008

I’ve been told you are very creative!
Someone wrote me to tell me this today. Well, not exactly just tell me this. There were other things in the email as well. Nobody writes emails to tell people just good stuff anymore (wink). But I digress.

Does anybody actually sit down and acknowledge, "I think I'm rather creative"?

I don't know. Somehow, it just doesn't seem to fit in the same category as "I'm pretty good at math" or "I'm quite analytical".

I guess I like to create stuff. Write, knit, make beaded jewellery, take random photos and do stupid things on Photoshop and InDesign...but I've just never actually saw myself as being particularly creative.

It's not as if I play a musical instrument (except the CD player), draw, paint or well, other creative stuff that other creative people do.

But do those people think they're creative?

People have told me I'm creative before, and more often than not, I've always felt like a bit of a fraud.

I really am not, I want to tell them. But would that simply be seen as a false humility, or perhaps even a sincere case of humility?

How do you actually define creativity anyway? The ability to create stuff.

By that category, everybody's creative. We think of new things to do, new recipes, the way something is displayed, how we dress...so why is it that only some people are actually labelled "creative"?

Am I rambling here? I suppose I am. It's Isabel Dahousie's fault.

As well as the fact that I'm actually wanting to blog about something really profound that someone at work said yesterday. But I don't remember what it is anymore.

Maybe it's not that profound after all...

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