Friday, 4 April 2008

Poynter Online recently shared the best writing tip of all time - sit.

Judging by the amount of blogging I've been doing lately, it's quite obvious I haven't been doing quite a lot of sitting.

It's difficult at times though. I'm sitting in my office all day, doing writer-ly stuff. It can be hard to finish work and still want to sit down of the computer and write some more. I'm going blind as it is.

But the thing is, it's even harder to walk around with all these ideas banging against each other in my head. I've got all these things to think about, all these things to write. And it's only through writing that I know what I really think.

So if I don't actually sit and write, I end up becoming this really confused and confusing person.

And it really is quite amazing how words just flow, and how the world makes sense again, the minute you start to write - anything.

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