Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Fandangle neckwarmer

I wanted a fast and easy project while driving west to go camping last weekend, and my entrelac headband definitely didn't fall into that category.

So instead, I decided to make a neckwarmer with some leftover yarn that I had. I wanted to play around with beads as well and so I ended up with this.

Honestly, not my proudest moments.

I had wanted to add more hanging beads, but I couldn't find beads with holes big enough that could fit through the needle that I needed to thread the yarn.

So I have a strange neckwarmer thing with some random beads hanging off it.

On the upside, it's nice, soft and keeps my neck warm without any peripherals hanging off it that make me either feel like I'm wearing a bib while eating or get in the way while I'm trying to get stuff done!


Kel said...

this neck warmer reminds me of those tribal women that wear bands around their neck and get more put on each year, until they end up with very long necks....

Melody said...

*lol* Unfortunately, I think you could be right!

bea's blog said...

Cute items you make! Really!!!
I like this strange neckwarmer...we could need such here in Germany today. It is actually high summer, but it is cool, very heavy rains and storm.
Not that I mind as I am a bad-weaher-girl! :-))
Welcome to my blog:
European regards

Melody said...

Hey Beatrice, thanks for that! I do have fun knitting :) I would say "hope the weather gets better in Germany", but it doesn't seem that you mind! :) Take care.

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