Thursday, 19 June 2008


I recently started learning entrelac knitting.

It's a rather interesting pattern to follow but a number of stitches sounded rather confusing.

And it's funny how people respond when you ask them questions.

"It's too hard!"

"Why would you want to try something like that for?"

They proceed to teach you, but not without some sort of admonishment that you've somehow decided to become a rocket scientist or something, mind you.

I agree. The pattern is somewhat difficult. My project was going fine, but there were tiny mistakes I knew should not be there. And I just could not get it.

But I persevered and did more research, and tried to get the thought that I was really attempting something really difficult out of my mind.

And then I got it.

So even though I was about a quarter of the way through the pattern, I ripped all the yarn out and restarted my project.

It's going beautifully now. I understand the pattern. I know the stitches, and honestly, it really isn't that difficult. Just a bit of a hassle because you need to turn your work every six stitches.

But I was nearly discouraged and wanted to give up trying because of the words of some, who gave me the impression that I was simply too ambitious or stupid to try something like entrelac.

Had they simply given me instructions and encouragement, I may actually feel better about working through my pattern. Instead, I was constantly shrouded with a feeling of dismay and impossibility.

Our words have an impact on people. And we need to be careful of what we tell them.

Yes, their dreams may seem impossible, even ridiculous to us.

But perhaps we need to take time to see the possibilities, and support them as best we could. Instead of cutting them down before they have even taken root.
Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

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Andrea O'Donnell said...

Thank you Melody. You have given us a timely reminder that we cut down someones spirit with the simple word. It is true that our tongue is sharper than a two-edge sword and as easy as it is to bring some one down we cna just as easily build them up. Good on you for persisting and getting the pattern right. I can't wait to see the finished object. Andrea xx

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