Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Recycling refunds

The South Australian refund on drink containers will double from 5c to 10c today, its first increase since the recycling scheme was introduced in 1977.

A few things popped into my mind when I read this news article.
  • Good on South Australia for encouraging and "incentive-ising" recycling.
  • How forward thinking is the South Australian government to introduce the scheme more than 30 years ago?
  • Why can't the rest of Australia do the same?
  • Maybe I should move to South Australia.
It's not like the rest of the Australian states do not recycle, or encourage recycling.

Almost every lunch time when I go home for lunch (yes, I'm one of those lucky ones), I'd almost religiously make the trek to the recycle bin with my stash of plastics, tin cans and what nots. I just don't get paid for it.

Or maybe recycling doesn't come naturally to South Australians, and so the government actually needs to pay them to do it? dodges blows from South Australians

News article here.

1 comment:

SugarPuff said...

I remember when you used to get refunded in NSW. At least I think I do...

There used to be HUGE wire bins filled with aluminium cans...

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