Friday, 14 November 2008

Rainbow cowl

I had a lot of fun knitting up this cowl, and it wasn't because it was such an easy knit or because the colours are just oh so pretty! Those reasons are all valid, but the real reason for all the fun is because the yarn came from a magic yarn ball.

See the little lollipop stick peeking out? The entire ball of yarn not only had hidden lollies, but a whole bunch of different surprises. I found a pair of earrings, some lovely beads, hair ties and of course, lollies.

These were hidden at random stages of the yarn ball, so after knitting for a length, a surprise would pop out. It was most fun to discover what the next goodie would be!

Unfortunately, I still have half a ball of yarn left after finishing the cowl, so I'll have to look for a new project to embark on to reveal all the other goodness.

The yarn was initially meant to be used to knit up a pair of socks, but a quarter way through, I came to the realisation that I am not a sock knitter. Too fiddly, too slow and I just simply cannot see the point of knitting socks. It's not as if I would be bear to wear what I've painfully hand knitted on my feet anyway.

As for the cowl, I simply love the colour. It was a rather quick knit and is really lightweight as well, which means...perfect for summer!


Faith said...

hiding things in a ball of yarn! that's an absolutely brilliant idea! who came up with it??? and where can i get one too?

Melody said... don't actually get one per se. You have to make one. As in you have to buy a ball of yarn and the treasures and slowly wind the yarn around the treasures at various intervals.

Mine was given to me...

Faith said...

how do u wind yarn??

Melody said...

ROFL! Are you for real?! :)

How you wind anything to keep them together - You use the yarn and go round and round the same spot and soon you will get a big ball!

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