Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A letter to Toyota

Only because both email addresses to the dealership bounced and it is quite obvious they are uninterested in receiving feedback.

Hi there,

I had a very disappointing and unsatisfactory experience when I called Toyota Pennant Hills today.

At about 3.30pm on Tuesday, 24 March, I called the Toyota Pennant Hills on 1300 782 505 to request quotes for new tyres for my Toyota Yaris sedan.

The operator transferred my call to the service department where I had to repeat my enquiry.

Upon hearing my request, the person at the service department promptly transferred me to someone else, where I had to once again repeat my enquiry.

The person then asked what size my tyres were. I do not know the size of my tyres, but what I do know is that they are the standard Toyota Yaris sedan tyre size. Because of my lack of knowledge of tyre size, the person had to transfer me back to the service department, because he assured me, they would know the size of my tyres.

When I was transferred back to the service department, I once again had to repeat my enquiry and was once again asked about the size of my tyres.

I gave the same reply, indicating that I had made no alterations or requested specific tyres when I purchased my Yaris. The tyres came with the car. Stock standard.

However, the staff member insisted that I had to know the size of the tyres, and that he will not be able to help me at all because "there are a lot of tyre sizes out there".

Frustrated and surprised that a Toyota staff member would not know the tyre size of his company's product, I decided to end the call.

I have since been able to make the same enquiry to Castle Hill Toyota, who were very helpful and knowledgeable with their products. They were not only able to determine what my tyre size was, they were also able to provide me with a quote. I was only transferred once, and only had to repeat my question once.

I have also gone on to the Toyota Yaris website and found out the size of my tyres.

My phone experience with Toyota Pennant Hills has been highly disappointing. It is perhaps somewhat shocking to know that staff employed by Toyota Pennant Hills would be so unfamiliar with their own products, and be so reluctant to help potential customers.



Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to hear if they ever see your post and get back to you.

Melody said...

I highly doubt it. I sent the email to HQ though, maybe they'll do something about it...

Mansfield said...

I'll have to say that it's pretty shocking service...

So how did it end? Did you get your tyres from Toyota or from a local tyre franchise shop?

Melody said...

Going to the local tyre shop. They knew exactly what I needed. And heaps cheaper too :)

But not going back to Toyota PH again!

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