Friday, 20 March 2009

Machine Man

What a novel idea for a novel.

Max Barry, one of my favourite author/writers, has just started a real time story.
It comes in lots of little parts. It’s “real-time” because you read it as I write it. This isn’t a novel that’s been gathering dust in a drawer, pining for a publisher.

So basically, everyday, I get a new email in my inbox containing one part of the story - Machine Man. And it's really quite amazing because I know that the story was written "fresh" on that day.

I think this is an incredibly brave move.

Can you imagine starting a novel, and letting all your fans in on it, but without actually having a real good idea of where you're going with it?

No editors to correct your mistakes, no going back to change a plot line, no changing your mind period!

You start it, and you're committed. I shudder to even think about following in his footsteps.

And if you're curious, more hilarious FAQs to the idea here.

Machine Man was only started being written yesterday, so it's not too late to join the fun.

Get it sent to your inbox/feed reader.

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