Thursday, 23 April 2009

Resources 4 the retrenched

So, the "R" word has finally been mentioned.

Australia is already in, or fast hurtling towards recession.

Kel over at xfacta was unfortunately retrenched last year thanks to the decline.

But in true survivor style, she not only moved on, she started a blog to help anyone else who has suffered the same fate.

She says it better than me:
When I was retrenched at Christmas time, I was amazed at how much information I needed to find and make decisions about in a very short space of time. This blog will attempt to gather information, resources, support, in one spot. A referral portal I s'pose.

It's still in early days, but I'm already collating a bunch of information to add over the next few months - and hope it will become a much referred to online resource.

Particularly relevant if you are in Australia.

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