Wednesday, 15 April 2009

World's most ethical companies

Struggling to find out what companies to support for their ethical behaviour?

Look no further than the Ethisphere Institute's list of the world's most ethical companies.

I thought it was interesting that Nike is actually on the list, but according to Reuters, it is because they have "demonstrated a will to correct past mistakes".

It's a pretty handy list to be aware of, particularly when you're trying not to support unethical behaviour and sweatshop labour.

Pity it doesn't have a full comprehensive list of all the businesses, but how can that be possible?

And Westpac bank is the only Australian company on the list.

Although, those wanting to find out more about which Australian clothing companies to support can look here.

Complete listing of companies.

Related news article.


Ida said...

WOW! 2,5 Swedish companies are one the list! It's great for such a small country! I realize it could be better but better the nothing. And the 0,5 is the company I work for. AstraZeneca is both British and Swedish. I hope this will improve.

Melody said...

That's so cool that you work in a company that's on the list! :)

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