Monday, 24 August 2009

Deutsch Schal

I started knitting this when I was on the train from Frankfurt to Nuremberg during my great German adventure with my brother.

Really fun and easy knit. It's not hard at all, even though it works in a way you would not normally knit - ie. you turn the work around without finishing all the stitches on the needle. Reminds me a little bit of entrelec but way faster.

The bamboo yarn I used was really lightweight, making this a great spring/autumn kind of scarf. I only had a little bit of each yarn, which explains the bizarre colours that actually turned out quite nicely.

I think I prefer wearing it like in the first photo.

Oh, and I was almost finished by the time I left Copenhagen, although I did have to put the finishing touches back home.

Pattern here.


richies said...

I was just watching Edge TV on the Hope channel and when you mentioned that you blogged I realized that your blog was one of the ones that I read.

P.S. knitting is cool

An Arkies Musings

Melody said...

LOL - I certainly agree. Knitting is definitely cool! :)

Hope you're enjoying EdgeTV! Would you believe I haven't watched a single episode? :P

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