Friday, 14 August 2009

Hi's and lo's

Now that it's been a month since I returned from the great German adventure, it may be a good/bad time to reminisce.

Good to reflect fondly on the great holiday. Bad because I've got horrid memory.

Anyway, let's give it a go.

  • Experiencing really bad hayfever: for some strange reason, there was something in the air that did not agree with my sinuses this time. I was sniffling and had teary eyes for the best part of the trip.

  • Paying A$3 for one nectarine: ok, it tasted amazing, but $3?!?!

  • Rain at Fussen: Neuchwanstein Castle was awesome, but the rain just made the experience rather wet, cold and uncomfortable. It also made it impossible to get some good photos.

  • Castle tours: they were interesting, but you needed a tour guide for most of the tours. This meant that you couldn't really spend as much time as you wanted in the castle. Instead, you were herded off like sheep on speed. There were a lot of restricted areas as well, which gave the impression that there really wasn't much value for money.

  • Paying for public toilets: I really missed the free toilets in Australia. It was at least A$1 each time you had to go to a toilet, and they weren't that fantastic either.

  • Dresden: I would visit Dresden again in a heartbeat. The city has a real thriving "hippie" atmosphere and the creative vibe to it agrees wholeheartedly with my soul.

  • Cycling around Dresden: we ventured further into the countryside using the bike paths along the river. It was a gorgeous ride on really really old bicycles.

  • Germans: I learned that Germans aren't as rigid and gruff as the stereotype. Instead, I found them to be friendly and really eager to help.

  • Dachau: I'm not exactly sure if this counts as a high coz it was a really sombre affair but it's certainly an experience I would never forget. I knew about the holocaust etc., but to actually see a concentration camp for real gives you a different perspective.

  • Checkpoint Charlie museum: could have spent forever in that museum. Filled with stories of when Berlin was separated into East and West, it was a fascinating experience.

  • Berlin accommodation: decided to upgrade to a private "apartment" for the last leg of our German trip (staying in crummy backpackers for the last two weeks) and it was most delightful to have some privacy and space again.

  • Window shopping in Sweden and Denmark: they've got the most gorgeous household items. I couldn't afford most of them, but I wanted to buy the whole store.

  • Ben & Jerry's: I love B&J's, but they're not available in Australia. Being able to consume copious amount of B&J's guilt-free was almost equivalent to being in heaven.

  • Being in Europe: it's just a beautiful continent and I will forever have a love affair with it.

  • Catching up with old friends: all I can say is that I wish that someone will invent a teleport machine soon so that it doesn't take months and years to meet up with friends.

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Kel said...

wow that month went fast!!!

shame about the hayfever, don't they have Zyrtec over there?

paying to pee sounds painful :(

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