Thursday, 16 September 2010

Please help me win

Update: I forgot to mention that giving of scoops can be done once every day until the competition ends (October 14), so if you feel generous, giving of scoops every day will be immensely appreciated.

Seems like my all-time favourite ice-cream company Ben & Jerry’s have just started a competition that I really want to win (grand prize = trip to Vermont, Ben & Jerry's HQ!!).

The only catch is that the competition requires friends of the contestant to give them “scoops” and I don't have any friends! Ok, I do, but I'm still low on scoops.

So I need help. If you are reading this, you are morally obliged (ok, you're not, but it would be nice if you did) to click this link - - and when it brings you to a web page, click on the “give me a scoop” button.

The more scoops I get, the closer I get to being ranked #1, which means the closer I get to winning! You don’t have to sign up to anything, give out your email address or anything. You just have to click that one button.



Richard Lawry said...

It's done. Gave you 20 scoops.

An Arkies Musings

Melody said...

Thank you! Currently ranked #5! :)

Nick said...

What? You now have Ben and Jerry's in Australia? If I'd known, I'd never had left.
Consider yourself scooped!

Melody said...

Thanks Nick! :) B&J's arrived in late 2009. There was great rejoicing on my part when it did!!

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