Monday, 18 October 2010

Ceral box storage bin

So I attempted to make my own storage bin after seeing this post, considering I had obtained some free fabric scraps from my all-time favourite Freecycle and always had cereal boxes lying around the house.

I also had some knitted flowers that I had made up from some yarn scraps that were perfect as embellishments.

Ok, so the box is a little wobbly and not as professionally finished as the one by Urban Nest, but hey, it still works pretty good as a storage bin for my in-progress knitting projects!

And since it's made completely out of recycled materials, the cost is free - except for the sewing machine needle that I had to replace coz I broke it while sewing up the fabric to the cardboard . . . oops.


Austen Recycle said...

Looks great and it cost you nothing - marvellous! If you need any more free materials then do check out EcoBees as they are a totally free reuse site and quite often have materials etc that you could use -

rachel@urbannest said...

The bin looks great!

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