Sunday, 17 October 2010

Photo scrapboard

After my trip to America this April, I had a bunch of photos and souvenir things that I had collected that I was thinking of putting into a scrapbook. However, despite loving crafts, scrapbooking isn't really my cup of tea and I didn't really like the idea of simply putting memories in a book and then forgetting about it.

Then I got a bunch of free pinboards from Freecycle and some pretty wrapping paper on sale at Borders and a dream was born.

Considering the board was none too pretty, I spruced it up like I did before.

It took a bit of coaxing to get the paper smoothly onto the board but I was eventually successful.

I got a good deal for a collage print from Snapfish which meant my American photo highlights were nicely printed on a piece of paper, which also became the centrepiece of the "scrapboard". Then it was simply a matter of collecting up all my paraphernalia and deciding where to place them!

And now the "scrapboard" sits proudly on my wall right above my desk in my bedroom.

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Austen Recycle said...

Scrapboard - what a fantastic idea! Another place to get free materials from if anybody else wants to make a scrapboard too would be EcoBees - a reuse initiative where everthing is for free and local:

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