Friday, 19 November 2010

You're Chinese, so...

It truly fascinates me how people assume things simply based on one person's race. Being from Singapore with Chinese heritage and living in Australia, I have been asked/told several things, including:

"So you go to the Chinese church?" followed immediately by "Why not? But you're Chinese," when I say no.

"You should minister/evangelise to the Chinese community."

"You must like this. All Chinese do."

    I recognise that people of the same heritage tend to congregate together. It's why we get places like Chinatown and Leichhardt, and have churches catering specifically to say, the Fijian or Samoan communities.

    But do you have to tell me what I ought or ought not do, ought or ought not like, ought or ought not be, simply because of the colour of my skin?

    Do all Australians hang out at the beach and love camping?

    Judge me by my character and personality, not by how I look.


    Anonymous said...

    I am currently living in Hong Kong. It is fun being white in an Asian country. I have had only had a little bit of the "you're white so you should do this" not very much. But then again, I have only been here for 4 months.

    Melody said...

    You mean you haven't gotten the "you're white, so you must be rich" statement? ;)

    Anonymous said...

    Only once

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