Monday, 26 September 2011

Change . . . and Facebook

So those with Facebook accounts would have noticed some changes recently. No, this is not a post about whether the changes are good or bad, but about the reaction that Facebook receives whenever it makes a change. Two words:

Facebook Sucks.

Having been an early-ish adopter of Facebook, I have seen the social network site go through numerous changes over the last years. Yes, some of them were a little dubious. Others were simply . . . different.

And it seems that that's precisely what gets everybody heated up. "Why can't Facebook keep things the way it was before?"; "This new [insert appropriate feature] is so stupid. I preferred the old feature" and "Stop changing, Facebook" are the common complaints that pop up all over Facebook and the rest of the internet whenever something new happens.

But seriously, are the changes really that bad? Or is it the change in itself that's bad?

Yes, making a change requires us to change in response. But isn't that something to be embraced? It keeps things fresh and in the process, we might end up discovering something new!

The thing about these changes and the response is that after a month or so, the kerfuffle dies down, everybody lives with the current situation until the next change comes along and it starts all over again.

What about simply taking the change in your stride instead of wasting your energy complaining about it?

And if you really think Facebook sucks, why are you still on Facebook?

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