Thursday, 29 September 2011

Just keep walking

I've just recently started the 10,000 steps challenge as part of work and am starting to discover just how sedentary my lifestyle is.

Day 1: Logged 8000 steps, but only because I went on a 50 minutes walk in the evening to boost my step count.

Day 2: Only logged a paltry 5000 steps. Luckily, it was gym night, so after 40 minutes of hard going on the cross training, I ended the day with 12000 steps.

Day 3: 6000 steps. No walk, no gym, just a normal couch potato day.

It's currently 5pm and I have only logged 4500 steps. I don't really have the motivation to go to the gym today, but looking at the number of steps, I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I should.

It's funny how when you've actually set a goal, you have this insatiable urge to achieve it. Now that I actually have this target of 10,000 steps a day, I find myself more willing to walk around the office. In fact, finding various excuses of things that I need to get done that requires me to walk.

Or maybe I'm just realising how inactive I am and that I perhaps need to move more for the sake of my health.

And yet, I'm so sedentary that I still cannot hit my target without the help of some planned physical exercise!

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