Saturday, 1 October 2011

S'mores cupcakes

I first had a s'more a few years back at a friend's place and true to its name, I really wanted some more, so I really couldn't pass up the idea of a s'more cupcake. I suppose I was more curious than anything as to how a s'more cupcake would turn out.

Think it might be all in the icing. The cake itself and finding chunks of chocolate (I used a block of Cadbury's chocolate) in every other bite was absolutely amazing, but as can be seen in picture above, my icing was a bit of a failure.

For reasons that still eludes me, my icing ended up being extremely running, which was nowhere near the marshmallow icing that it called for. It was full of golden syrup, which made it really sweet (in a good way), but the liquid nature made it a little hard to eat without making a mess.

Maybe I'll try the icing again one day, but probably not some time soon.

S'mores cupcakes cooling the evening before
(with a brownie for company)
And I also realised that I should perhaps invest in a better camera than just relying on the camera on my mobile.

Recipe: S'mores Cupcakes, from Cupcakes Galore by Gail Wagman.


Anonymous said...

If you finding your icing too runny it is usually because there is too much liquid added to the icing mixture (assuming you are not making a buttercream or ganache icing). It really doesn't take much liquid but you do have to stir for ages and ages and ages before it you see any effect.

Melody said...

I was actually making a strange icing thing that involved egg whites and golden syrup. Which is probably why it was a bit runny.

Although, I did the icing sugar one as well (in a post that I'll be writing about soon) and I think I overcompensated, which made the icing a bit too solid! Getting the ratio just right seems a little too difficult at the moment! :P

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