Friday, 21 October 2011


It's that time of the year again where men find a convenient excuse to not shave and end up all fuzzy looking. Movember is almost upon us and the mo' bros and mo' sis will be out in force, helping to raise funds and awareness on men's health.

Don't misunderstand the somewhat ironic tone of my voice. I have no problems with the movement or what it stands for at all. What with my dad falling victim to cancer (granted, bone cancer is not a uniquely men's issue) and D's dad being diagnosed with prostate cancer not too long ago, the issue is dear to me heart.

In fact, I support the movement so much that I'm contemplating getting myself one of these moustache cookie cutters and baking a few mo'kies and maybe selling them for Movember.

My main problem with this business is that my man got into the whole thing with much enthusiasm last Movember, and may have forgotten the point of it is to shave it all off when December comes around. So I've essentially been dating a gnome for the last 12 months.

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