Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Peanut butter cupcakes

It's been a while since my last forays into cupcakes but with a friend's birthday party coming up, I thought it was a good excuse to give it a go again.

I was having a hankering for peanut butter (and also trying to finish up my numerous half-eaten jars of peanut butter in the pantry) that I decided to modify a recipe I had for chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. Basically, I went without the chocolate and added a rather generous teaspoon of vanilla bean paste (I love this thing - it makes your cupcakes turn out with little black flakes of vanilla and smells amazing).

I made sure to avoid filling the papers too much with batter this time and I think they turned out quite well! I love the taste of the cupcakes. So much so that I think I will use this recipe again.

My forays into icing were not quite so successful (again) however:

I had bought this cake decoration kit a while back and the initial plan was to do like an ice-cream swirly thing on top. Unfortunately, my combination of lemon juice and icing sugar was just a bit too conservative and I ended up with this really thick paste that made it rather difficult to squeeze through the tube.

Then I overcompensated and made it a little too runny so in the end, I simply smeared some icing on top of the cake, sprinkled some coloured sprinkles and called it quits.

I love the taste of the zingy icing. I'm not sure I like how it looks. Oh well. Next time.

Recipe: modified from Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes, from Cupcakes Galore by Gail Wagman.

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