Thursday, 6 March 2014

Introducing Purely Bulk Foods

I've always liked the idea of a food co-op, buying food in bulk and reducing the need for multiple packaging. Unfortunately, the nearest bulk food co-op or store is about a 30 minute drive away from where I am, and nowhere near where I would usually do my grocery run, which makes it rather inconvenient to simply "pop into the shops".

D also loves his wholefoods, and of course, a good deal. So when he discovered that we could actually buy directly from wholesalers below normal retail price if we had a big enough order, an idea was formed . . .
The plan is to get a bunch of like-minded people together, people who love buying nuts, grains, seeds and legumes, and people who recognise that at the end of the day, packaging doesn't matter—it's the quality of the product that does. Because really, who doesn't like healthy, organic wholefoods that don't cost the earth?

For the past few months, we did our research, contacted some suppliers, found out their pricing and decided to give bulk food buying a go . . . by starting a bulk food buying group ourselves, seeing that there's none that we know of near us.

We've got some interest and orders in already, but we are looking for more people to join in, to really make it possible to buy in bulk and keep the prices low for everyone.

So if you're in the Sydney North Shore area and would like to save on healthy, organic whole foods, do give Purely Bulk Foods a go. Drop by our Facebook page and download a price list/order form today!

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