Saturday, 26 February 2005

i worked with her on the yearbook during my last year at Avondale in 2002.

When I went to England in 2003, she came by to visit and stayed with me for at least 6 months. She was my faithful companion was we romped all around Europe.

When Cydknee got married in Germany in 2004, we met up again, she travelling all the way from Fiji where she was teaching and me coming from Singapore.

This year, she's back and is the principal of a primary school in Queensland.

And now, she's here in Wahroonga for 4 days for a principal's convention.

And I just realised, I'm late for my appointment with her.

Ah, to be able to meet up with beloved friends from long ago...

Natalie Bell, I missed you!

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Theda said...

Hi Melody!

Any chance you're still in contact with Cydknee? If so, please give me her contact info or vice versa (my contact info's on my website at

Thanks! I haven't caught up with her in almost 20 years!!


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