Friday, 25 February 2005

God certainly provides.

When Letrica told me on Monday she had to take back the fridge she lent me, I was beginning to stress that I may have to buy a new fridge.

Ordinarily, that would not be a problem. Except,

1. I'm living in a dorm. All I can contain in the room is a bar fridge.

2. I'm moving out end June. Economics and logic say buying a bar fridge is not a wise move seeing that I will be needing a full sized fridge when I move out.

So after juggling with the idea for a few days, I see an ad on the dorm noticeboard selling a bar fridge for $200. Still, I was reluctant to make any purchase.

That's when God stepped in.

Turns out that Bruna, my boss, has a spare fridge that is well, just sitting there.

Guess who's inheriting it?

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