Thursday, 24 February 2005

i've been trying to understand the Aussie weather for almost a month now, but I think I'm still struggling.

Actually, maybe there is a pattern:

2 days of sunshine.

3 days of storms.

2 days of unbearable heat.

3 days of cowering every few seconds from lightning.

The only reason why this is so strange is the fact that this is the Aussie summer, and a typical Aussie summer happens like this:

2 days of sunshine.

3 days of unbearable heat.

2 days of getting sunburnt over previous sunburn.

3 days of evacuating from homes due to bush fires.

2 days of water restrictions.

3 days of heat stroke.

I think you get the idea.

Three years ago, I nearly couldn't make it for my own graduation ceremony because the highway and train lines were closed due to a massive bush fire.

But now, it would seem like Australia and Singapore have swapped weather.

This is monsoon season in Singapore. Not that it doesn't rain every other day throughout the entire year anyway.

Two days ago, I got a call from my brother who every excitedly told me, "There's a bush fire right opposite our house!" (yes, he made a long distance phone call to tell me that. And in case I never get a call from my brother ever again for that comment - I love you Shannon, and it was great to talk to you.)

We're now having storms in Australia and bush fires in Singapore.

It feels like I've left Singapore to move into...Singapore.

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