Sunday, 31 May 2009

Legwarmers and headband

I blogged about the wonders of Freecycle a while ago (so long ago I no longer know where the post is), but have you ever heard of Yarncycle (Ravelry link)?

It basically works on the same concept as Freecycle, except it only deals with yarn.

I got two skeins of super bulky red/black yarn from a lady in Canada a while ago, but did not really have an idea of what I was going to use it for.

After knitting up my sleeves, I decided that I needed a leg equivalent and that was when that free yarn (well, not quite, since I had to pay postage) came to good use.

It's so warm and snug! Now I can wear short skirts and not have to worry about cold calves!

Had some yarn leftover that did not really amount to much, except for a headband that I can use for when I go for yoga or pilates!

And the proudest moment for me is the fact that I made both more or less with a made-up pattern!

Free yarn well-used I say.


Kel said...

oooh flashback!
legwarmers and headbands
now we're heading back to my heyday :-)

and you've just inspired a post for later in the week

Melody said...

Now I'm curious as to what the post is going to be :)

Faith said...


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