Monday, 4 May 2009

Origami bolero

My first knitted jacket thingamebob. It's called a bolero, but I just call it a jacket.

It's not for me, which is why it's a little big, but I kind of like the drapiness of it.

This was an extremely surprising quick and easy knit. It looks complicated, but the thick ply of the yarn combined with the (only two) stitch pattern helped me finish this super fast.

It looks a little "holey" and was knit up with cotton yarn, but don't let that fool you. The jacket is still rather warm and snug.

It does feel a little delicate though. I wonder if all future jackets I knit will be as delicate. That would make washing a pain.

My seaming, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired I think. Don't look too closely at the pics.

Nevertheless, great fun knitting up this top, especially since it was completed in just under a month!


petrina said...

I like your origami jacket, great job!

Kel said...

this looks nice and i reckkon would be comfy cosy to wear
as you are also into beading (?) you could make a beaded pin to clasp the front together with
saw some lovely ones at the jewellery making workshop I went to on sunday - but can't remember what they are called, basically a big safety pin kind of wire construct with lovely beads on the main front wire . . .

Melody said...

Thanks Petrina and Kel :)

Kel - it is really comfy cosy. Unfortunately, I've had to give it up :( It wasn't for me. Hee hee. But yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the big safety pin thing. It's gorgeous!

Did you have fun at the jewellery making workshop?

Kel said...

yes it was fun, made some venetian glass earrings with swarovski crystals and lampwork beads - for my mum a pair of black and silver foil venetian glass earrings, which she loves, apparently it matches her pandora bracelet, plus a pair of green and gold foil venetian glass earrings to spare

it was good to learn some wire techniques and have access to so many beautiful beads

Melody said...

ooooh! That sounds really nice! I haven't actually worked with such exquisite beads yet - but the workshop sounds great!

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