Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Johns' Baby Mittens

The John's Forest Bonnet looked so lonely by itself that I just had to make a matching pair of mittens. They were oh-so-tiny, but once again, I held on to a quote by knitting revolutionary Elizabeth Zimmerman: "babies vary and knitting stretches".

As mentioned before, knitting baby items are a joy in that they are completed in no time at all – this particular project took me a couple of hours or so – but they can be a little finnicky when you're knitting tiny little items like mittens. When the ball of yarn is bigger than one finished mitten, I found myself endlessly rummaging through the knitting bag trying to find said stray finished mitten.

Once again, the pattern was modified and knitted in the round so as to avoid seaming. And for those who want to know more, a kitchener stitch will give your project that nice flat dome finish. It's what's commonly used to finish off beanies as well.

And because baby mittens are useless individually and since I've already discovered they do get lost fairly easily – and also because the original pattern had them as well, I braided three individual strands of the yarn together and attached the ends to each mitten to hopefully keep them together forever. Which means if they get lost, at least they're lost together.

Pattern here.

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