Wednesday, 5 February 2014

10 signs you're getting older

  1. Your skin, once soft, smooth and supple, is starting to turn snake-like at an alarming rate.
  2. You start aching in places you never did.
  3. You don't bounce back from a late night as easy as before.
  4. You choose not to have late nights because you don't bounce back from them as easy as before.
  5. You're getting hairier where you don't want hair, and less hairy where you want hair.
  6. You call the boys from 1D boys.
  7. You call anyone under 25 a kid.
  8. You acquire tastes for food you never liked, such as eggplant and okra.
  9. You think growing your own food is terribly exciting.
  10. You find out the exact time of your birth so you don't age yourself prematurely.

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