Monday, 3 February 2014

Picking up the needles

Ah, the bliss of sitting back in a comfy couch in the evening, watching an interesting show on television and a knitting project on my lap. Needles, how I've missed you.

I didn't realise just how much I'd missed knitting until I finally picked up the pictured work in progress, left aside a year ago to focus on work, study and wedding. When the needles started clicking, I could feel my entire being relax and my mind float off into a happy place.

Of course, my fingers and arm are a little sore from being out of practise after a year but it's just so exciting to be creating again and I'm already buzzing with all the potential projects I can make. And it's also great because it represents the fact that I actually have time to breathe again!

The irony of course is in that when life gets overwhelming, the first thing to go are the very things that relaxes us.

For those wondering, the work in progress will hopefully become another Origami Bolero (based on Jo Sharp's pattern), minus the dodgy seaming  

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