Friday, 30 May 2008

Fluffy maner headband

I'm learning how to knit with circular needles for the first time.

It seemed utterly confusing at first. I just couldn't picture it in my head how it would actually work.

But I've done about 3 rounds now and it's actually really easy! It literally is knitting in the round. It's like a never ending circle of knitting, which makes it rather interesting when you're trying to stop knitting "at the end" because well, there isn't actually one. Will have to discover how to really end it later.

Bought a set of interchangeable knitting needles at a sale last week. They're absolutely gorgeous! Love the multicoloured-ness of them and they're really easy to knit with as well.

Anyway, am trying to knit a headband with my circulars now, we'll see whether it actually turns out the way I hope it would.

If it's a success, the headband will be incredibly soft and fluffy with the yarn I'm using. Can't wait.

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