Monday, 5 May 2008

I think I'm developing an overdose of news.

I've been away from my office for about a week and a half on a work trip to New Zealand recently. Since I'm the only one in the office who has a subscription to The Australian, the rolls of newspaper were piled up in some sort of strange pyramid (as can be seen in the pic) when I got back.

The rolls naturally went untouched when I got back since there were emails to respond to, media release/articles to write as well as a whole variety of smallish tasks that seem to take up the most of one's time.

But since I have to read the news for work, I've decided to read all 10 rolls of unread newspapers this morning.

My head is swimming.

And the most frustrating thing is, I'm trying to find a positive article to reflect upon for a weekly editorial I have to write for a TV show.

There are no positive news articles that I can find. Everything in the news has a focus on the negative. "The worst", "neglect", "fears" wonder people avoid reading the news. It'll cause them to sink into depression!

One wonders if this somehow reflects the world we live in, or perhaps shape the way we see the world. That life is simply one bad news after another and the only thing we can look forward to is well, something bad.

So I'm still struggling to find a bright light in the shadow, and I'm considering writing an editorial based on something else.

It's funny how life is so much more positive and happy than the newspapers would portray...

To me, at least.

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